Monday, April 4, 2011

Back To Work

My Dad has been doing really good lately. He is getting a lot of Mr. Bruce's energy! Instead of crashing on the couch at the end of a long day, he is not tired at all! He breaks out singing a song (or an impromptu song that he made up) all the time! :P One thing to point out is that he is down to 1-2 mugs of coffee (he was drinking about 5-6 every day!!) a day AND it is decaf, not caffeinated! He has all this energy even without caffeine! He walks faster than normal (Mr. Bruce does too), and it is hard to keep up with him most of the time.

Today, he went back to work. I will let you all know how that goes after he gets home tonight. Please be in prayer for him at work.

Also, I read on my friend, Talia's blog, that this girl, Josie (a friend of Talia's), needs a liver transplant. It really hit my heart as my Dad has gone through the whole process of needing a transplant - but Josie is only 11, and she has had this disease since she was 6 months old!

On the radio this morning, I heard someone call in asking for prayer for their friend. He has had a heart transplant, and because of the medications he is on because of the heart transplant, his kidneys are failing. So, now he needs a kidney transplant too.

Please be in prayer about these two people. I am sure they would really appreciate it!


  1. Sarah, that is GREAT about your dad! And I will most certainly be in prayer!

  2. Sarah, that is wonderful about your Dad!!!!!!!!!!!