Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Day

Last night my Dad's creatinine went up. Before the surgery, he was at about 5. Afterwards, he got down to 1.3. He is now at 1.9. The doctor said that that is a big jump, and is not good. They have put him back on IV fluids. Because of all this, they are going to keep him at least another night to watch him. They will repeat his blood work at 2:00 pm EST. If it is not better, they will do a biopsy of the kidney. Please keep him in your prayers! Also, please continue to pray that we will all get better quickly as most of us kids are sick.

Mr. Bruce is back at the hotel. He went out for a stroll and is a little tired now, but he is doing really well.


  1. This is John, they retested after the IV fluids and within just a few hours I was back down to 1.6 (Though it doesn't seem like much that is a huge jump) It is obvious that I was merely a little dehydrated from an upset stomach yesterday. I will continue drinking my water and Lord willing I will be able to go back to the hotel tomorrow. Thank you all for the prayer. I really do appreciate it. John

  2. We are praying! Come on home, Abu Jaba!!