Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi all. Here is a picture taken on the day that we found out from Mr. Bruce that he passed all of his tests, and we have a scheduled date. I will be sure to add more as I take them.
L-R: Gracie, Mr. Bruce and my Dad, John

Here are some things that happened/we found out today:
  • On January 10 (after the surgery was already scheduled), both Mr. Bruce and my Dad went in for final lab work to make sure that they are still matches. The VA, which stand for Veterans Affairs is doing the surgery. They put their blood together to see if they would reject each other. Well, today, the VA contacted Mr. Bruce and said that there was a reaction with the first test, but after further more intricate testing, they found out that there is nothing wrong that would affect the surgery. That is a major praise item!
  • Both Mr. Bruce and my Dad got their schedules for the day of and days leading up to the surgery.
  • We got our van ready for the trip by getting the oil changed, tires checked, fluids topped off, and battery tested.
  • We were told that the weather in Pittsburgh has been horrible, and the city is really bad about keeping the streets salted. Please pray that we will be safe especially since we are driving up.
  • Mr. Bruce said, "As we get closer and closer to the surgery, I feel even more that I am doing the right thing."

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